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Dear Felix Friends,

We have been shaken to the core by the recent horrific and preventable deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others, resulting from systemic racism and oppression in the United States.

We are also energized and mobilized by the growing movement to make BIG changes, on a personal, institutional and societal level. The Felix Organization stands in solidarity with this movement, as we know that Black Lives Matter.

Through your generosity over 14 years, Felix has provided inspiring opportunities to support our youth population, over 95% of whom are children of color. More recently, we have donated to the George Floyd Scholarship Fund; and our COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund continues to support the most urgent needs of our foster care youth and families impacted by the pandemic, primarily POC.

We want to do more.

As an organization, we want our youth to grow up in a world that supports them and gives them the opportunities for success that they deserve. We vow to work hard to combat racism and oppression at an individual level, as an organization, and pledge to leverage our resources to create a more just and caring world for youth and people of color.

We know that this is an ongoing conversation, one that we hope you will engage in with us, as you are our community of friends, donors, volunteers and board members. Our virtual door is always open, and we hope you will send us your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. For real sustainable change to be possible, it will take all of us working together.

Thank you for your love and support of our Felix kids. We see a better future for them, and promise to continue to work to make that future possible.

With love and solidarity,

All of us at The Felix Organization

P.S. We have been working hard over the past year on a culture book that encapsulates the philosophy, vision and culture of The Felix Organization. We are proud of this working document, and hope you will take a few minutes to read it HERE.


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