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Beyond Camp 

Beyond Camp is a mini-grants program granting funding to youth in foster care for extracurricular activities throughout the year. In recent years, Beyond Camp distributed funds for dance lessons, gymnastics, college textbooks, sports leagues, photography equipment, tutoring, laptops for school, and more. Since 2016, Felix has distributed over $120,000 to over 250 foster youth through this program.

Meet our Beyond Camp leaders of tomorrow:


Social Worker

"The Beyond Camp grants have been vital in helping us provide on-going recreational and supportive outlets for our children during the year. At Camp Felix, campers develop their self-esteem in specific areas and overall confidence by participating in the arts, sports and by being encouraged to take chances in front of their peers (dancing, performing, reading poetry). What the Beyond Camp grants have allowed us to do for our campers is for them to have continued opportunities like this all year.   Beyond Camp has allowed our students to participate in weekend dance and football classes- all increasing their self esteem.  The short term effects are priceless- watching them be excited about the classes and feel committed to what they are engaging in.  The longer term effects are increased participation and engagement in school and many other social emotional benefits.”


Gabriella loves to dance. Beyond Camp sent her to Downtown Dance Factory to take ballet classes. This year she performed in her first ever dance recital!



"Manuel is having an absolutely wonderful time in his dance classes. He seems to be doing very well there and has told me that his teachers have really praised his abilities - he even skipped a trip to 6 flags with his summer program so that he wouldn't miss classes!"


"I just want to say thank you so much for all that you do! It is an enormous help, more than you can imagine! I wouldn't be able to get through school without the help you provide! I am so appreciative!"

                                                                                                                                           - Tiffany 

Dear Camp Felix, I would like to thank you for helping me learn more about dancing. I really enjoy taking classes at the Bronx Dance Theatre. I've felt very welcomed and comfortable there and have learned to have confidence in the way I dance. It means a lot to me to be able to study dance because it is my dream to become a professional dancer. 


Thanks again, 



Beyond Camp is helping Brittany pursue her educational goals at Medgar Evers College.


Camp Felix camper Javonte learned how to play guitar last summer. He loves writing and performing his own songs. Beyond Camp granted him a guitar of his very own in June 2015 and hopes to take music lessons in the future.

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