Camp Felix Pride is a groundbreaking new summer camp for LGBTQ+ youth and allies in the New York City foster care system...launching this summer 2022!

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This exciting week-long camp will give youth, ages 10 to 16, a life-changing experience resulting in personal growth and connection to a supportive community.

With special thanks to our Camp Felix Pride Seed Committee members:

Glen Gracia

Jacob Yates

Jamie Grace

Joseph Lucius

Owain Morgan

Reed Stanton

Rory Trifon

Scott Duquette

Tatiana Laroche

Zachary Booth

We wish to acknowledge and thank Equinox. Their commitment and contributions have propelled us through the pandemic making our dream of a Camp Felix Pride a reality in 2022. 



If you would like to support us in launching this program, please reach out to for more information.

* Rainbow gel heart by Richard Bernstein, 1969.