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What an incredible day full of exploration and tackling new adventures! Thank you so much to Surf For All for having 15 of our foster and at-risk youth from Haven Academy out to Long Beach to learn to surf. Jeanine and her team went above and beyond with a full day of activities and goodies that made our foster youth feel so loved and celebrated.

Our day started with a pizza picnic accompanied by a meditation and mindfulness session. Most of the kids had never experienced anything like this and it was so wonderful to see how open and interested they all were! During the sound bath healing, one of the kids says “you guys! I think this is magic! I feel it. I really feel it.” What an impactful moment that was and a great way to kick us off into the surfing.

At the beach the kids were so beyond excited and some scared but the Surf For All staff made them all feel safe and ready to tackle the water. It was every kid’s first-time surfing and they all went out into the water. There were kids getting up on the board left and right and they were so good at it, but most importantly so happy to be out in the water! It was so inspiring to see their smiles and how proud of themselves they were. The image will forever be ingrained in my head! They could stay in that water all day. So many of the kids were asking me when the next time they can surf and how happy they were being in the water! It was so beautiful to watch.

This is what we strive for here at The Felix Organization. We provide inspiring opportunities and new experiences to enrich the lives of children who grow up in the foster care system. If you’d like to support and learn more about The Felix Organization, we’d love to have you join our Felix Family! Reach out to us at and @thefelixorganization on all socials.


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