Felix 15 Years Infographic.png

Our Campers leave CAMP FELIX with:


  • Improved physical and cognitive skills

  • Improved awareness about healthy living

  • Improved self-esteem

  • Sense of belonging

  • Heightened self-confidence including respect for self

  • Improved social skills including respect for others

  • Improved level of positive decision-making and leadership skills 


Here's what the boys thought about their Bryan's Camp Felix experience:


  • 100% of campers said they tried a new activity at Camp Felix. 

  • 100% of campers said, "my counselors encouraged me and helped me succeed at Camp Felix."

  • 94% said Camp Felix helped them develop a healthier lifestyle.

  • 94% of campers said that Camp Felix helped them learn to overcome challenges.

  • 93% of campers stated that Camp Felix improved their ability to communicate with others.


As of our 2021 camp season:


Camp Felix Campers have become Counselors-in-Training/volunteers.

former campers have moved on to become Camp Felix employees.




youth served.