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Song by Sydney Jones.

Camp Felix is a place where children in the foster care system can just be children. From swim instruction to art, rock climbing and dance, Camp Felix® campers are able to overcome fears, try new activities, and form bonds with dedicated staff members and campers who share a similar background. 


Residing in some of New York City’s most impoverished communities, our kids are given a chance they wouldn't otherwise have: the opportunity to experience the joys of summer camp, a rite of passage for most American children.

In partnership with The New York Foundling, Felix has sent over 2,000 youth from the New York City foster care system to our flagship camp in Putnam Valley, NY, since we began in 2006.

Camp Felix® 2023 Stats:


kids per cabin


age of campers


season's we've been in operation


age of our counselors-in-training


# of former Camp Felix campers who have become Counselors-In-Training or paid staff members

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