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Camp Felix 2018 Highlights!

Every summer at Camp Felix feels like the best summer ever and our lucky 13th season was no exception.

In 2018, the Camp Felix seed that was planted so many years ago has grown into FIVE camp programs! This means that your support is reaching more foster youth than ever. At Camp Felix, the campers participate in traditional activities like swimming, arts & crafts, and rock climbing.

But every summer we like to mix it up with new and exciting activities for the kids to enjoy.

Check out a few of the amazing Camp Felix 2018 highlights:

  • The Camp Felix Getaway girls braved an epic swing on the Flying Trapeze! After careful instruction from the professionals, the girls volunteered to climb a ladder nearly thirty feet high to take a fun swing. Some even dared to attempt a flip!

  • Campers and staff at Camp Felix in Putnam Valley enjoyed bonding with four-legged friends from New York Therapy Animals. Therapy dogs have been shown to provide comfort, decrease anxiety, and promote a sense of community for those who interact with them. Sounds like they’d make perfect camp counselors!

  • The teen boys at Bryan’s Camp Felix attended a unique animation workshop hosted by Kyle Warren every day at camp. They had the opportunity to work as a team to create their own claymation films with professional equipment. Check out their short film, “Lions,” below:

Our kids are happy just to spend time in nature with friends and adults who care about them but it is especially remarkable to watch them conquer every activity they try. We are honored to provide these opportunities for them to build confidence and develop their skills, some they didn’t even know they had!

From yoga to karaoke and everything in between, the kids experienced special memories that will last a lifetime. We humbly thank all of our friends, family, and supporters for making dreams come true for youth in foster care every summer.

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